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Name: Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin

My Testimonial: Atlanta's REAL Builder's is top notch in customer service and professionalism. I had a very complicated commercial buildout that required a more nontraditional approach on the business end. The owner, Wayne Hood, stepped in personally and handled everything with strong character and integrity.

I have been very pleased with the work done so far. I expect a fabulous finished product! Thanks ARB!

Name: Bettye Wilkes

Testimonial: Atlanta Real Builders has completed three projects for me in the past six years, the last of which was the largest, i.e. finishing the basement. Wayne Hood, Owner is an experienced and highly educated real estate professional, with a caring and trustworthy character that makes the contracting process run smoothly. I am very pleased with his work; the basement is beautiful!! Mr. Hood also provides a lot of sound advice about homeownership and maintenance that we were unaware of. He has great business acumen and provides excellent leadership to his team of workers. I applaud him as a successful builder with good customer service as a primary goal.

Name: Menandro Martinez

Testimonial: I was very satisfy with the work performed by ARB Inc. Mr. Hoods is very professional and I highly recommend him for any construction projects. ARB Inc. is very affordable and they can work out to adjust to your budget. I appreciate the work done.

Name: Heidie Armstrong

My Testimonial: ARB, Inc. are Great! I was researching months before and I spoke with Wayne about the Vision that we had. But with that in mind, we were on a budget and a time frame. ARB worked with our budget the painters, fireplace all the way down to the wood floor was excellent! The wood floor needed a touch up and Wayne came himself and took care of everything. Great Job! Atlanta Real Builders!

Name: Darnelda Crosby

My Testimonial: I fell in love with my house again. ARB, Inc. replaced all 13 windows in my home. We went from wood frame to storm windows, saving lots of energy. Painted 3 rooms, place a new door to a bedroom, removed the bathroom window, and installed a ventilation fan/vent. Will definitely be using ARB Inc. The Owner is very knowledgeable and excited about his work. I trust him. He is very helpful and look forward to working with ARB, Inc. The owner is very loyal and take ownership because he like what his does.

Name: Greg Jones

My Testimonial: Laid down a 16 x 16 foot concrete slab. Did a very good job!

Name: Venessa Strong

My Testimonial: Phase 1 of the remodeling project of our restaurant business in Decatur. Began working inside of restaurant and remodeling the deck. Phase 2 will be remodeling the inside of the restaurant as well as enclosing the deck and rebuilding the smoke house. Received lots of compliments so far on the deck and the paint job! Very professional and easy to work with.

Name: Veronica Dailey

My Testimonial: Refurbish the inside of our barbecue stand as well as build a deck outside our eatery. Also, ARB, Inc. built a platform in our church's pool pit area. ARB's are very professional and was always on site, very impressed with their attention to detail. I am very happy with the restaurant work and our church pool pit platform. Staff was very kind. It was a load off my mind having not to worry about anything.

Name: Shaina McGoreon

My Testimonial: ARB, Inc. repaired my fence in my backyard and build steps on my deck. The staff were very professional and completed work on time, ARB's did a great job!!

Name: Ranaldo Fletcher

My Testimonial: ARB's, Inc. did a GREAT JOB!! Replacing my entire roof and my courtyard deck replacement! The Owner was on site making sure everything went as planned according to our agreement.

Name: Jacquelyn Payne

Testimonial: After removing 2 layers of carpet, a layer of padding, stick-down tiles and what looked like tar paper...I discovered 70 year old hardwood floors! Atlanta’s Real Builders restored them to their original "Glorious Gleam"! My plaster walls, all the doors & trim were painted. My home looks like a Bed & Breakfast Inn! Thanks Real Builders...I can't wait for you to do the exterior!


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