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Commercial Flooring

If you run a business, you should pay close attention to, not just the interior, but also the exterior of your business premises. The term ‘interior decoration’ is extremely wide and can cover a lot of applications. However, most businesses associate it with the furniture, décor and display of decoration items. At Atlanta's REAL Builders Inc we believe that interior decoration of a business or commercial enterprise is incomplete without the right interior flooring.

Why Spend Time on Choosing Flooring

Whether you are looking for marble or granite as interior flooring, it is important to remember that the flooring has a profound effect on the overall décor of your business. It can bring out certain decorative elements within the space, while hiding others.

Flooring also is important for safety and wellbeing of your employees and customers. The flooring you choose should be apt for your business. For instance, if you run a gym, you should be looking for interior flooring that cushions the feet and also minimizes the chances of slips and falls. Similarly, a restaurant would require different kinds of interior flooring for the restaurant area and kitchen area.

Why Choose Us for Your Flooring Needs?

We have been this line of business for over 20 years. Over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience to advise our customers on the right kind of flooring for their commercial enterprises. We offer quality flooring that not only attracts customers, but also ensures the safety of your employees and patrons.

When it comes to interior flooring solutions, we are renowned for providing high quality workmanship at affordable prices. We focus heavily on ensuring that your interior flooring is installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions and we also give you maintenance tips to prolong the life of the flooring.

We believe in establishing lifelong relationships with our clients and once we finish the installation, our association with the clients does not end. We are known for our superior customer service before, during and after our association with our customers.

Flooring Options

We offer a wide range of flooring options to our customers. We are confident that we will find the most suitable type of flooring for your property. Some of the flooring options we offer include:
  • Marble flooring
  • Granite flooring
  • Slate / Exterior Flooring

At Atlanta's REAL Builders Inc we strive to find you the best interior flooring that is most suited to your commercial establishment. You will be able to enjoy high quality flooring, professional service, reliable and efficient delivery and exceptional customer service.

Our exterior and interior flooring sets high standards and enhances the appeal of commercial establishments. When you opt for our efficient floor installation services, you will also enjoy the following:
  • Longevity
  • Safety
  • Functionality
  • Attractive appeal

While the cost often is the determining factor when choosing commercial flooring, we make it easy by providing you with various options. We offer quality interior and exterior flooring for businesses at competitive pricing. We serve Atlanta and the surrounding areas, such as Druid Hills, Gresham Park, Decatur, Lake City and Chamblee. We are Fully Licensed and Insured in Atlanta with general liability and workers comp in residential and light commercial applications.